Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"professional" should mean more than getting paid to perform

Editors behaving badly « Will in the World

Will Entrekin wonders about a couple of editors who behave like, well, in terms the people in question would use, assholes. This is an essential life lesson: You will meet many assholes as you go through the world. Most of them, if you knew their circumstances, would evoke your pity. But if you have no pity for them, you should still remember this: respond like an asshole to an asshole, and you're an asshole.

Regarding writers and submitting: If an editor rejects you, the only proper response is to send that editor another submission. If you believe that no response is also a response, that's a fine response, too.

later: James Nicoll was a little baffled by my last paragraph. So, take two: Aspiring writer, if you think you've gotten a harsh rejection, submit another story or take that editor off the list of people you submit to. If there's a third good option, I haven't a clue what it is.

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